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Article: The microbiome and its benefits for the skin

Le microbiome et ses bienfaits sur la peau

The microbiome and its benefits for the skin

The micro-organisms present on the skin represent the first line of defence against external aggressions (pollution, ultraviolet rays). However, due to a variety of factors, these micro-organisms can become less effective. This is precisely when skin care products rich in prebiotics can come into play.

In this article, we will look at how the microbiome acts as a shield for our skin and the benefits of incorporating prebiotics into our body care products.

What is the microbiome? What is it used for?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, covering up to two square meters for the average adult. It is the first line of defence against external aggressors (e.g. pathogens, ultraviolet rays, pollution, etc.). The skin contributes to many of the body's functions, such as regulating body temperature, eliminating waste products and manufacturing vitamin D.

To fulfill these roles, the skin is populated by micro-organisms, also known as the cutaneous microbiome. These microorganisms play an essential role in maintaining skin health. Made up of bacteria, fungi and viruses, the microbiome helps protect the skin from external aggression, regulate inflammation and maintain optimal hydration. So, by preserving the balance of the cutaneous microbiome, your skin will remain radiant and healthy.

The importance of the cutaneous microbiome on  the skin

The skin microbiome is an important part of the human body, helping to maintain the integrity of the cutaneous barrier, protecting against external aggression while reducing excessive inflammation of the skin.

When the skin's microbiome is deregulated or weakened, this can impair the cutaneous barrier, making it more prone to inflammatory diseases (atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, acne).

To remedy this imbalance, several studies indicate that cosmetic supplementation with prebiotics could have beneficial effects in restoring the skin's protective functions.

Indeed, scientists have found that the presence of prebiotics in cosmetics aids the growth of health-promoting bacteria. This observation has made it essential for us to include prebiotics in the composition of our body care products. Rich in prebiotics and composed of 99.7% ingredients of natural origin, our products are designed to be suitable for all skin types. Our mission? To help you keep or regain supple, moisturized skin, while caring for your skin's barrier.

The benefits of prebiotics in moisturizing skin care products

Given the importance of the cutaneous microbiome to skin health, more and more cosmetic products are incorporating ingredients that benefit it, such as prebiotics.

The value of prebiotics in moisturizing skin care lies in their ability to maintain a healthy skin microbiome. As prebiotics are compounds that serve as "food" for the good bacteria present on the skin, they encourage their growth and activity. As a result, when prebiotics are incorporated into body care products, as Nurish does, the growth of beneficial bacteria is stimulated, leading to a stronger skin barrier and healthier skin.

Maintain a healthy microbiome with our prebiotic-rich body care products

As we saw earlier, a healthy microbiome helps maintain an effective skin barrier against multiple external aggressions (pollution, ultraviolet rays, etc.). However, this skin barrier can be weakened, which can lead to the appearance of multiple inflammatory pathologies (acne, psoriasis, eczema). Prebiotics are an effective way of alleviating the problem of skin fragility and maintaining good protection, particularly when incorporated into body care products.

Since your skin's health is our priority, it's essential for Nurish to include prebiotics in our body care range.

For optimum effectiveness and absorption of prebiotics, our team suggests starting your skincare routine with our fresh mandarin body exfoliating gel. Applied to damp skin with a circular motion, this natural body scrub removes dead skin cells and nourishes your body's good bacteria thanks to its integrated prebiotics.

For your daily routine, we also recommend our silky mandarin body sorbet milk. With its citrus scent and composition rich in prebiotics and hyaluronic acid, your skin will be left feeling plump and deeply moisturized. You will see, to try them is to adopt them.


@Nicole Grenier Il est tout à fait possible d’utiliser notre gamme pour le corps sur le visage.


@Denyse Lemay Merci pour vos commentaires et votre retour sur nos produits, nous en prenons bonne note!


@Doris Munger, nos produits ne sont pas spécialement conçus pour réduire les rides et ridules, mais contiennent des ingrédients dont leur actions contre les rides et ridules sont reconnues.


J’ai 74 ans, efficace contre les rides et ridules?

Doris Munger

Je tenais à vous faire part de mon appréciation pour vos produits en particulier votre exfoliant .
J’adore l’arôme qu’il laisse sur ma peau.
Cependant , j’aimerais partager une suggestion concernant le lait pour le corps . Je pense qu’un arôme plus prononcé le rendrait plus agréable à utiliser.

Denyse Lemay

J ai acheté le kit au complet et je l aime beaucoup.
Est-ce qu on peutl utiliser sur la figure ?

Nicole Grenier

Merci . Contente de prendre conscience du microbiome de la peau.


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