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Photo d'Isabelle Huot dans un chandail blanc qui recouvre sa main, où est posée sa tête. Photo prise par Pascale Thérien du studio la luz portraits :

Our founder: Isabelle Huot

An entrepreneur with a passion for nutrition, travel and oenology, Isabelle holds a PhD in nutrition. Her love of travel developed at an early age, and she has visited nearly 70 countries since her teens. During her bachelor's and master's degrees, she studied in London, Lausanne and Geneva, before becoming coordinator of an international research project. She was also a consultant for the Palmeraie Golf Palace spa in Marrakech, where she developed health and beauty cures.

Isabelle has become a Quebec celebrity thanks to her TV and radio columns, as well as her many magazine articles for Le Journal de Montréal and various magazines.

She has written 17 best-selling books,

several of whose titles have been translated into several languages. Alongside her media career, she has launched a food business. Her ready-to-eat range is now distributed online and in over 1,000 outlets across Canada. Over the years, she has added numerous products to her offering (cereals, snacks, cookie and muffin mixes, healthy desserts, etc.). Thanks to these products, we can offer healthy, balanced dietary programs for everyone. It also offers weight-loss programs combining its products with nutritional coaching, a guarantee of healthy, lasting weight loss.

Ambitious and visionary,

Isabelle was looking for a new challenge. She dreamed of launching her own line of beauty products, drawing on her extensive experience in nutrition to create a range that was different and unique: skincare products based on high-performance, natural food ingredients. Nutrition is at the heart of the brand she founded: NU•RISH If eating well is at the heart of health and beauty, cosmetics are also allies. Nourish your body with healthy foods, sources of essential nutrients, and nourish your skin with active ingredients from nature.

This is her vision!

Each product in this new brand is a subtle alchemy of natural ingredients, carefully selected for their nutritional and antioxidant power. The choice of resveratrol from grapes was an obvious one, given Isabelle's passion for wine. In fact, she holds the renowned WSET3 international diploma! As for honeyberry, a small fruit with strong antioxidant powers, it charmed Isabelle, who has always advocated the consumption of local products. Thanks to their unique fragrances, each formula awakens the skin to an enchanting sensory experience. The science of nutrition merges with the art of beauty. The skin's natural radiance is restored thanks to nourishing ingredients.

Always on the lookout for trends, Isabelle is already thinking about the next products to be added to the current range.

NU•RISH is a revolutionary cosmetics range.