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Article: S.O.S. Dry Lips!

SOS lèvres sèches - astuces pour bien hydrater ses lèvres

S.O.S. Dry Lips!

Since the skin on the lips is thinner than the rest of the body and lacks sebaceous glands, it requires special care. Here are some explanations, as well as pro tips to help your lips become supple and well-hydrated.

Why do lips crack?

Deprived of glands that produce the protective hydrolipidic film found on the rest of the body, lips are vulnerable to the elements. As a result, they dehydrate rapidly, becoming dry and cracked, especially in winter. In addition to being exposed to cold and wind, they also endure the drying effects of heating systems. Even in summer, chapping can occur due to sun exposure or lack of hydration during a heatwave, for example. However, you can prevent your lips from dehydrating by adopting healthy habits and the right beauty routine.

4 tips for well-hydrated lips:

1. Exfoliate your lips once a week

We're familiar with body and facial exfoliants, but did you know there are exfoliants specifically formulated for the delicate skin of the lips? To gently remove dry skin from the lip contour, choose a treatment with natural exfoliating particles (such as sugar grains) and enriched with moisturizing ingredients like vegetable oils. As often as needed, apply a small amount of exfoliant to your lips, pre-moistened with lukewarm water, and gently massage the lips in circular motions. Finally, rinse, avoiding water that is too hot, as it can exacerbate skin dryness.

2. Moisturize your lips every day

To prevent chapping and achieve well-hydrated, healthy-looking lips, regularly apply a nourishing lip balm. This is a product to carry with you at all times in your bag to have it on hand whenever needed. Look for highly hydrating ingredients on the label, such as vegetable oils, or soothing ingredients like vitamin E, known for calming irritations.

3. Drink enough

It's not a secret: drinking enough, along with adopting good overall hygiene, contributes to your overall health. While no scientific study quantifies the number of glasses of water needed for beautiful skin, recommendations to maintain adequate body hydration, excluding food, range from 2.2 liters/day for women aged 19 and older to 3 liters/day for men in the same age group. Not a fan of plain water? Note that juices, plant-based beverages, milk, herbal teas, tea, and coffee are all liquids that contribute to good hydration.

4. Humidify

The skin in general, and especially that of the lips, tends to suffer when humidity levels are low, as is often the case during our harsh winters. The solution: invest in a humidifier, whether it's warm steam, cool mist, or ultrasonic, to maintain the ambient air humidity between 30% and 50% during the cold season.

The right products for your lips

Our Exquisite Pomegranate Lip Scrub is perfect for removing dead skin without aggressing the lips.

Our Velvety Pomegranate Day Lip Balm/Night Mask, in addition to leaving the lips soft and smooth, leaves a non-greasy satin protective film on the lips."

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